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We work with many of the world's big pharma firms, several speciality pharmaceutical companies, as well as virtual, biotechnology, medical device, academic institutions and healthcare companies - including the NHS and SME/start-up companies that contract-out capabilities and services.

If you're anything like our lovely clients, you'll have an unusual product, complex manufacturing process or have a specific supply requirement e.g. low demand. And if you've got something completely off the wall, then our technical team are really going to love you! If you’re after the sterile filling of a clinical batch of vials or the regular supply of a few thousand ampoules, then we can help. And if your product is c14 radiolabeled or a cytotoxic, that’s fine too. Whatever your requirements, we invite you to challenge us.

Regardless of the type of client you are, our goal is to always add value. Whether this is coming up with technical solutions for a novel process, expanding your existing capacity, increasing productivity, ensuring a continuous supply of product or quite simply to reduce your time to market or overall cost - we're here to help. Whether you’re looking for a preferred partner, supplementary supplier or contingency vendor, we always look to build long-term relationships so why don't we get together for a chat?

Due to the confidential nature of our client work carried out, we are unable to publicise the names of most customers. Even though we’re a vibrant business that proudly differs from the rest of the CDMO crowd, one thing we have always taken very seriously is confidentiality. So if you partner with us, rest assured, it’ll be our little secret.

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